Fulvio Ioan.

Works and projects.



La jeune fille qui parle avec moi.

Transferred paintigs.

Domani le stelle.


Starry skies.




The artistic research of FULVIO IOAN focuses on graphic language’s development in a NARRATIVE and expressinist direction. It is inspired by medieval images and themes from art history, looking for VITALITY and EMPATHY in lines and colors, assembling figures like pieces of a puzzle. The art, connected with the grotesque’s irony in a game, is defined as a form of rebirth from the (social and cultural) darkness. It’ s a process that want store affirm beauty . The laying foundation is the need to bring back the art-making process to crafts. I t ’s a demonstration that graphic techniques have a central role in the contemporary artistic research, as long as they can be important means, ELEGANT and REFINED, for the diffusion of the artist’s ideas and images.

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